Friday 27 April 2012

Scottie Dog, Drawer Easel Card,

I guess the title of this post is pretty self explanatory.  :)

The image and backing papers are from Kanban, which again I've had a while.  The actual 'drawer easel card' is from a set I bought a couple of weeks ago from  They are really easy to put together, the only down side is although it mentions envelopes in the product description, the two sets I bought didn't come with any.  Not that I think envelopes would be much use as the finished product is quite thick. I've been practising making boxes but they still aren't turning out great so if any one has any foolproof tips they would be greatly appreciated - with the emphasis being on foolproof. 

Update - Not exactly a box but a solution.

Well this is my solution to my easel drawer card problem.  Its probably not too clear from my crummy pictures but instead of making a box for my drawer front card I created a sleeve - much easier, faster and not as "homemade" looking as some of my attempts at boxes.  I think the problem was that I was a little over enthusiastic when decorating my easel card which meant that my box needed to be over two inches deep to accommodate the easel card and the drawer.  I'd love to know what other people think of this.  Is it a "lazy" alternative to a box or does it work?  


  1. Aww this is fab! Very cute and a great design too :o)

    Now, I do make boxes and they're very quick and simple, but I'm hopeless at explaining things... if I get chance tomorrow I'll do a quick photo tutorial! Hugs, Lisa x

  2. This is cute as can be Tammy! I've never attempted one of these. I have it on a list with a dozen other to "try". LOL Just haven't gotten around to it yet. Love all those plaids and the cute pooch. Hugs!


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